Land Development Consulting

simple city design consulting Simplecity Design's in depth understanding of city codes, and development processes provides us the upper hand when approaching development issues. Our cost saving solutions are a value add to your project. Simplecity Design provides municipal workshops, seminars and training sessions. Working with clients is our passion. Customer service is our strength. Sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the community. Adhereing to current industry best practices.

Specializing in:
  • Entitlements
  • Site Planning
  • Site Designs

Comprehensive Plans

simple city design service urban planning designOur award winning plans are community driven and provide simple solutions for cities to plan for their future. Creating community driven plans allow us to localize the designs and recommendations to your city. We come and meet with the city staff and tour the city to get a feel for the appropriate approach for your community.

Our plans include:
  • Mapping of preservation areas, growth zones, infrastructure and green infrastructure
  • The scale of the plans will be tailored to each community’s needs and budgets
  • Administration toolkit
  • Most importantly, we identify the key opportunities for quick implementation

Land Development Codes & Processes

simple city design consulting Writing development codes to meet each city’s requirements takes a careful study of the community. Our approach provides a very unique opportunity for the community to see what the future of your city holds for them. We create the code writing strategy to match your community. Process is equal to product. We understand the importance of process and will deliver the right project approach for each place we work.

Our knowledge of community, places and codes is what allows us to be so effective in our work. Whether you need a full code rewrite or just a few updates, we have the coding expertise to help better your community.

Our codes are:
  • Nimble
  • Customizable for different community types
  • Simple to use for all, not just the experts

Downtown Development Plans

simple city design consulting Downtowns are special places. Simple and well defined downtowns are cherished. Our plans will provide a clear path for a thriving downtown.

We assess all elements of downtown, from parking and street layouts to development opportunities and market gaps. Our award winning plans will work for your community.

Our plans:
  • Provide a path for implementation
  • Identity key funding strategies to help foster public/private partnerships
  • Strategically target sites to maximize market demands

Tactical Urbanism

simple city design consulting Matt Lewis is a national leader in creating pop-up community demonstrations. He and his team created the national award winning 1 way to 2 way street conversion for a day. This was first project of this type in the entire nation.

His innovative outreach methods have been nationally recognized. He has spoken at ICMA, National CNU, University of Texas, Texas State University, A&M and several other organizations about his creative and simple ideas for project prototypes.

Let us help you achieve your:
  • Proposed CIP Projects
  • Downtown Solutions
  • Street Designs
  • Pedestrian Malls