City Planning

Simplecity Design’s expertise in city planning, urban design, and city building is reshaping the way communities plan and build their cities. Our plans lead to building better places. We design to ensure the pubic and private spaces are the right scale.

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Land Development

Our in-depth understanding of city codes, and development processes provides us the upper hand when approaching development issues. Our cost-saving solutions are a value add to your project. Most importantly, our developments are timeless.

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Development Codes

Our award-winning code writing skills deliver communities great places with fiscally responsible results. Our clients get custom codes designed with your team & community. Our codes create lovely, people-friendly spaces that developers can afford to build.

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We are 21st-Century City Builders.

We are city builders working with developers, cities, and nonprofits to build better communities. Our one of a kind understanding of development and city policies uniquely positions our clients to get the best results from their projects. Our tools bring communities back to life using local resources and local talent. Contacting Simplecity is the first step in your project. We save you time, money, and shorten processes for your project by mapping out the right path on the front end.